Choosing the ideal city to call home is a complex task, necessitating a deep evaluation of factors such as employment opportunities, cost of living, and education. Equally crucial is ensuring that the city matches your personal beliefs and values. Imagine living in a city where the political atmosphere strongly aligns with key Democrat tenets such as universal healthcare, combating climate change, and advocating for social justice. In cities with a Democrat bent, specialized communities—including women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ individuals—often find greater inclusivity, equitable representation, and a commitment to equality. However, no location can genuinely be home unless it offers a foundational sense of safety; a low crime rate is an essential feature for any city on your shortlist. This guide aims to introduce you to cities that beautifully merge Democrat values with an unwavering dedication to public safety.

Santa Clara, California

Population: 127,647
Safety rank: 72nd (23rd safest in terms of violent crime)
Most Democrat cities rank: 29th
Safest and liberal neighborhood: West Santa Clara

Santa Clara, based in the throbbing center of Silicon Valley, is just a 20-minute ride on the public transportation system from San Jose, the region’s buzzing metro hub. A bastion of Democrat values, Santa Clara is a hotbed of liberal activism and social progress. The city has a consistent track record of supporting Democrat candidates in local and national contests. Institutions like the Silicon Valley Democratic Club champion the city’s liberal ethos.

If you identify as a Democrat voter, Santa Clara feels like a community where your views are celebrated. Whether it’s sustainability initiatives like frequent farmers’ markets or a comprehensive recycling program, the city is proactive on issues that matter to progressives. Discussions on police reform and racial equality are active, and there’s a spirited commitment to LGBTQ+ and women’s rights.

Safety isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s a tangible reality. Effective community policing has played a pivotal role in making daily life more secure. Neighborhoods such as Rivermark Village, West Santa Clara, Santa Clara Central, and South of Forest have particularly sterling reputations. Whether you’re a single professional, raising a family, or enjoying retirement, these areas offer diverse housing options, from quaint single-family homes to modern apartment complexes.

Venture into West Santa Clara and discover a microcosm of the city’s progressive spirit. This lively neighborhood is rich with grassroots organizations, community gardens, and co-op markets. Here, you’ll join tens of thousands of residents who enjoy a plethora of dwelling options, from snug apartments to spacious townhomes. Its numerous parks and verdant landscapes make it a haven for families seeking quality outdoor time. Commuting woes are also minimal, thanks to ample public transportation options that can whisk you to the city center in about 25 minutes during rush hour.

Sandy Springs, Georgia

Population: 108,080
Safety rank: 21st
Most Democrat cities rank: 27th
Safest and liberal neighborhood: Riverside

Sandy Springs, a suburban haven 16 miles north of bustling Atlanta, stands in Fulton County, Georgia. While Georgia is traditionally a red state, Sandy Springs leans more Democrat than many other parts. In recent years, Fulton County has become a key battleground for Democrats, actively participating in voter registration drives, climate change initiatives, and social justice rallies. The area has a mix of older activists and younger progressives, driving the conversation forward.

If you’re in search of a community that echoes progressive values, Sandy Springs doesn’t disappoint. The area celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion. Local government is proactive, investing in quality education and engaging residents in dialogue about social justice. The focus on healthcare is evident, with numerous facilities offering a range of services. It might not be a liberal paradise, but there’s a good chance your next-door neighbor will be on the same wavelength regarding key issues.

When it comes to safety, Sandy Springs earns high marks. The MARTA system is secure and efficient, making your daily commute less stressful. Some of the safest neighborhoods include Dunwoody Club Forest, Riverside, North Springs, Sandy Springs ITP, and Brandon Mill Woods. These areas feature various types of housing, from single-family homes to garden-style apartments. With parks, grocery stores, and cafes close by, these neighborhoods cater to everyone—from young singles to families and retirees.

For a place that aligns both with safety and liberal values, consider the Riverside neighborhood. This lively corner of Sandy Springs is a magnet for people who are as engaged in local politics as they are in sustainability. Around here, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into people at the local farmer’s market discussing the latest city council decisions. Riverside attracts a moderately populated mix of young families and professionals. Housing varies from single-family homes to a handful of apartment complexes. The efficient public transport means you’re just a 35 to 40-minute ride away from the central business district during peak times.

Elgin, Illinois

Population: 114,797
Safety rank: 31st
Most Democrat cities rank: 26th
Safest and liberal neighborhood: College Green

Elgin, Illinois, is a gem tucked about 35 miles away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago. The city is home to a reasonably eclectic populace, which leans Democrat in its voting patterns. It has a history of grassroots organizing and activism, particularly regarding healthcare and education. Local initiatives often focus on sustainability and social justice, making it a welcoming environment for those with progressive ideals.

Elgin has a strong sense of community activism that aligns with Democrat values. From participating in local elections to joining social justice rallies, residents actively promote the changes they want to see. The city has invested in green spaces and offers various healthcare programs, reflecting its residents’ environmental concerns and healthcare access. You will find organizations fighting for reproductive rights, advocating for educational reform, and offering LGBTQ+ supportive services. With this active civic engagement, you’d likely feel a sense of belonging and alignment with your values. As for the future, Elgin seems poised to continue its trajectory of being a hub for progressive activism and community development.

As the saying goes, “safety first.” Elgin is committed to upholding this maxim. Notable neighborhoods for their safety include Valley Creek, Century Oaks, College Green, West Ridge, and Eagle Heights. The sense of community in these areas is palpable. Neighbors often participate in community watch programs here. You’ll find a broad spectrum of living arrangements—from single-family homes and townhouses to apartment complexes. Add parks, shopping destinations, and top-notch schools to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect setting for singles, families, and those enjoying their golden years.

Zeroing in on College Green, this neighborhood stands out as a beacon of safety and progressive values. A diverse community calls this area home, where the housing options are as varied as the people. Whether you’re into apartments or looking for a family home, College Green has you covered. The neighborhood is rich in green spaces and is a short distance from the city center, making your daily commute a breeze. And we’re not just talking about public transport; local cafes here often double up as huddle points for activists and community organizers. So, if you’re seeking a safe, vibrant community where your progressive values will feel right at home, College Green might be your next address.

Bellevue, Washington

Population: 151,854
Safety rank: 37th
Most Democrat cities rank: 21st
Safest and liberal neighborhood: West Bellevue

Bellevue, Washington, sits like a peaceful neighbor across Lake Washington from Seattle. The city has a reputation for leaning liberal and generally aligning with Democrat principles. From forward-thinking urban planning to avid support for social justice, the city is more than just its skyline; it’s a melting pot of progressive ideals. Public forums often buzz with lively conversations around healthcare, gun control, and other matters of public interest.

In Bellevue, progressive thinkers will feel right at home. With a consistent history of Democrat votes, the city walks its talk. Not only are there plans to minimize carbon footprints, but you’ll also find a city government that prioritizes inclusivity. Whether it’s about planting more trees or advocating for healthcare reform, the local groups here are outcome-oriented. This active civic participation might make you feel like you’re where you’re supposed to be. Bellevue seems to be steadfastly marching toward a future that aligns well with progressive principles.

Safety is a strong point for Bellevue. Notable neighborhoods like Bridle Trails, West Bellevue, Somerset, Newport Hills, and Beaux Arts Village often feature in conversations about safe and secure living. For example, Bridle Trails offers spacious, family-friendly homes, while West Bellevue delivers a fine mix of modern and traditional living spaces. Somerset provides sweeping views from its hilly terrain, and Newport Hills has amenities like public parks. Beaux Arts Village takes it up a notch, offering an affluent lakeside living experience with a sense of seclusion. These neighborhoods don’t just look good on paper; they also have active neighborhood watches and are well-lit in the evenings.

Consider West Bellevue if you want to live in a liberal and secure area while working in Bellevue. The area hosts community events promoting social justice and environmentalism. Roughly a few thousand people live there, including families, couples, and professionals. Housing varies from condos to traditional homes. It’s a green area with parks and is friendly to children. You’d be 4-5 miles from the city center, and the commute to Bellevue’s central business district could take around 20 minutes by public transport during rush hour. West Bellevue might be the place for you to consider calling home.

Boulder, Colorado

Population: 108,250
Safety rank: 93rd (60th safest in terms of violent crime)
Most Democrat cities rank: 17th
Safest and liberal neighborhood: North Boulder

In north-central Colorado, Boulder is just a scenic 28-mile drive northwest of Denver. The city is a hotbed of progressive ideas and activism. Historically, the city has leaned Democrat, hosting climate marches, women’s rights rallies, and LGBTQ+ pride events. The intellectual buzz from the University of Colorado Boulder bolsters this progressive atmosphere, bringing in speakers who challenge norms and research projects that aim for societal impact.

Living in Boulder feels like being part of an active, engaged community that shares many of your values. Boulderites are notably environmentally conscious; the city has a comprehensive recycling program and numerous bike lanes. It has even committed to becoming 100% renewable-energy-powered. Additionally, Boulder has multiple organizations and community programs focusing on social justice, from women’s rights to racial equality. In terms of feeling like you belong, you’ll find like-minded people at local coffee shops, during city council meetings advocating for progressive policies, or at various community events promoting inclusivity. Regarding the future, Boulder seems poised to continue its progressive path, cementing its status as a hub for people who champion Democrat principles.

Safety is another area where Boulder shines. While it’s true that no city is a utopia, Boulder has a host of neighborhoods that are safe and ideal for both living and commuting. North Boulder, for instance, offers a serene environment with parks and cycling trails—perfect for families and those who love peace and quiet. Table Mesa has a similar family-friendly vibe and adds the convenience of nearby shopping. Gunbarrel is a newer, more commercial neighborhood that’s attracting young professionals. University Hill is the go-to for students and younger adults, offering proximity to the college and a generally secure environment. And then there’s Downtown Boulder, which manages to be bustling yet maintains a reassuringly low crime rate. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or a single-family residence, the area offers diverse housing solutions to suit your needs.

North Boulder comes to mind if you’re looking for a secure, liberal haven. Community events are common here, and the area draws people from all walks of life including young professionals, families, and retirees. Abundant parks make it family-friendly, while various housing options—from single-family homes to apartments—complement varied lifestyles. Located just 4 miles from the city center, a 20-minute bus ride during rush hour gets you into Boulder’s business district. What sets North Boulder apart is its genuine, community-centric atmosphere. So, if you’re looking for a locale that mirrors your values and safety needs, North Boulder could be your next home.

Daly City, California

Population: 104,901
Safety rank: 61st
Most Democrat cities rank: 14th
Safest and liberal neighborhood: Westlake

Daly City sits just a stone’s throw away from San Francisco, roughly 10 miles. Regarding politics, Daly City tends to vote Democrat, aligning well with progressive values. Activism is not just a buzzword here; it’s a way of life. Residents are deeply engaged in issues ranging from healthcare access to environmental sustainability, often coming together in organizations and community groups to advocate for meaningful change.

Living in Daly City feels like part of a collective, especially if you identify with progressive ideals. Regular town halls, community events, and advocacy groups keep the conversation going on vital issues like health care reform and social justice. The city council usually champions inclusive policies and social welfare programs. You don’t just live here; you thrive here, knowing your values are tolerated and actively encouraged. Judging by its history, Daly City shows all the signs of continuing on this progressive trajectory.

In Daly City, safety is not a secondary concern; instead, it is woven into the very fabric of the neighborhood. Neighborhoods like Westlake, Serramonte, St. Francis Heights, Daly City Civic Center, and Crocker consistently boast low crime rates. Take Westlake, a perfect locale for families and young professionals, thanks to its residential areas and nearby shopping centers. In Daly City Civic Center, you’ll find a blend of commercial and residential spaces, making it a convenient spot for those who want to live near public amenities. All these neighborhoods feature active neighborhood watch programs and well-kept public areas, adding an extra layer of security to daily life.

Westlake stands out as both a safe and progressive neighborhood. It’s a well-organized community with several local organizations advocating for progressive causes. Here, you’ll be among a few thousand residents who enjoy a mix of apartment buildings and single-family homes. There are parks for kids and an overall eco-friendly atmosphere. The neighborhood is about 8 miles from the central business district, and during rush hour, it would take around 30-35 minutes by public transportation. In Westlake, you’ll find like-minded folks and a convenient, safe living environment.

Fremont, California

Population: 230,504
Safety rank: 26th
Most Democrat cities rank: 8th
Safest and liberal neighborhood: Mission Valley

Fremont is tucked away in the southeastern corner of California’s San Francisco Bay Area, approximately 40 miles from the heart of San Francisco. The city has a distinctive Democrat slant, with residents regularly casting their ballots for progressive policies and candidates. But it’s not just about voting here; the city is a hub for grassroots activism. Countless community initiatives focus on everything from green living to healthcare reform, and they’re often spearheaded by local organizations passionate about social justice.

Life in Fremont aligns well with a progressive mindset. You’ll find yourself in good company here among neighbors equally concerned about healthcare, environmental sustainability, and social equality. The city has become a magnet for green tech companies and businesses that pride themselves on renewable practices. On any given day, you can hear chatter about the latest community programs supporting marginalized groups or public discourse advocating for healthcare reform. Looking ahead, Fremont seems steadfastly committed to fostering an environment ripe for progressive change.

Fremont generally enjoys a lower crime rate compared to other cities in California. Regarding daily commuting and living, neighborhoods like Mission Valley, Ardenwood, and Glenmoor are known for being safe. Mission Valley is upscale and perfect for families. Glenmoor has a mix of residential and commercial properties. Warm Springs is tech-centric and offers a sense of community, while Niles has that historic, small-town vibe. Each neighborhood has a range of amenities—parks, shopping centers, and great schools—catering to a diverse population, making them feel like inclusive spaces.

Consider the Mission Valley region if you want a place that is both safe and liberal. Here, the streets are leafy and the schools top-rated, making it a favorite among families. The area is home to several thousand residents who benefit from various housing options, from cozy apartments to sprawling family homes. Regarding commuting, a 45-minute ride on public transport gets you to the city center during peak hours. Mission Valley is more than just a place to live; it’s a community where you’re likely to find local organizations that align with your values, providing ample opportunities to get involved. It’s an ideal locale to lay down roots if you’re seeking a blend of safety and liberalism.

Alexandria, Virginia

Population: 159,467
Safety rank: 22nd
Most Democrat cities rank: 6th
Safest and liberal neighborhood: Old Town

Alexandria is snuggled right up to Washington, D.C., on the western bank of the Potomac River. You’re only about 8 miles away from D.C.’s city center. Politically, Alexandria profoundly skews Democrat, a characteristic reflected in its voting history and the makeup of its local government. This city is more than just a hub for policy; it’s a breeding ground for progressive ideals. Countless constitutional organizations have set up shop here, focusing on everything from healthcare reform and environmental responsibility to gender equality.

Walking into Alexandria is like realizing that everyone is on your progressive wavelength. The local government isn’t shy about putting its money where its mouth is, with initiatives that focus on environmental conservation, accessible healthcare, social and housing equality. Activism isn’t a spectator sport in this city; young, liberal professionals drive the movement especially. Events like Earth Day cleanups and the annual Women’s March draw large crowds and convert words into action.

In terms of safety, Alexandria doesn’t disappoint. Safe neighborhoods include Old Town, Del Ray, Rosemont, Cameron Station, and Belle Haven. Old Town captures the imagination with its blend of historic and modern architecture set against cobblestone streets. Del Ray, on the other hand, offers a tight-knit, community-oriented atmosphere. Rosemont is mainly residential, brimming with single-family homes, while Cameron Station provides a mix of townhouses and condos. Belle Haven goes the extra mile with its upscale amenities, including private golf courses. All these neighborhoods are dynamic in their ways but share a collective commitment to safety facilitated by community-engaged local police.

Old Town should be on your radar if you’re looking to settle in Alexandria. The neighborhood has about 15,000 people and it’s a beacon of safety and progressive values, powered by various organizations and community activities. The area is enriched by charming boutiques and organic farmers’ markets. For those with kids, the neighborhood doesn’t skimp on parks or educational activities. Just 2 miles from the city center, Old Town offers many commuting options, including metro, bus, and bike lanes. Even in rush hour, a 15-minute public transport ride will land you in the central business district.

Our search led us to a handpicked selection of cities that seamlessly blend Democrat ideals with a strong commitment to safety. Take, for instance, the tech-forward atmosphere of Santa Clara, California, or the thriving, diverse community of Sandy Springs, Georgia. Each city on our list offers its unique cocktail of Democrat values underpinned by a community-wide focus on safety. Imagine soaking up the peaceful, green-conscious environment in Boulder, Colorado, or perhaps diving into the bustling tech industry of Bellevue, Washington—all while knowing that your safety is a community priority. Whether the historic charm of Alexandria, Virginia, catches your eye, or the many public services and amenities in Daly City and Fremont appeal, a consistent theme emerges. There’s no need to compromise your Democrat principles for personal safety. So, as you weigh your options for the next chapter in your life, know that these hand-picked cities can fulfill both requirements. Your ideal, Democrat-aligned, and secure haven awaits your arrival.