Pros and Cons of Living in Gilbert, AZ (2024)

The best things about living in Gilbert, AZ

  • Outdoor activities: Sunny weather year-round for outdoor sports and hiking.
  • Job opportunities: Growing sectors in healthcare and technology.
  • Family-friendly: Abundance of schools, parks, and low crime rates.
  • Community events: Year-round events that foster community bonding.
  • Quality of life: High general standard of living, including healthcare and education.

The downsides about living in Gilbert, AZ

  • Climate extremes: Sweltering summers that limit outdoor activities.
  • Limited culinary diversity: Fewer international dining options compared to other cities of a similar size.
  • Cost of living: Slightly higher than other cities in the region.
  • Traffic and commute: As the city grows, congestion becomes more prevalent.
  • Limited nightlife: The social scene may be quieter than what some singles and young professionals are looking for.