Pros and Cons of Living in Corona, CA (2024)

The best things about living in Corona, CA

  • Outdoor recreation: Proximity to Cleveland National Forest and other natural areas.
  • Community services: A wide array of public services, from libraries to health centers.
  • Job opportunities: Expanding industries provide diverse career options.
  • Transportation: Easily accessible freeways connect residents to nearby cities.
  • Educational infrastructure: The schools and colleges are generally well-regarded.

The downsides about living in Corona, CA

  • Traffic congestion: The freeways can get particularly clogged during rush hours.
  • Affordability: Rising home prices and living costs can be a challenge.
  • Water: Drought conditions can lead to water restrictions.
  • Limited nightlife: Entertainment options for those accustomed to a more bustling scene may be lacking.
  • Air quality: Proximity to industry and high car usage can lead to smoggy conditions.