Pros and Cons of Living in Hesperia, CA (2024)

The best things about living in Hesperia, CA

  • Nature's playground: The area offers an array of outdoor activities like hiking and off-roading to keep the adventurer in you busy.
  • Affordable housing: Among the more affordable places in Southern California.
  • Strong community: Local events and groups foster a close-knit community.
  • Educational options: Schools here are relatively better rated than those in neighboring cities.
  • Safety: Lower crime rates make it more family-friendly.

The downsides about living in Hesperia, CA

  • Limited nightlife: Few options for those seeking a vibrant night scene.
  • Employment: Limited local job opportunities may require commuting to nearby cities.
  • Climate: Hot, dry summers can be harsh, especially for those not accustomed to desert climates.
  • Public transportation: Less than ideal, requiring reliance on personal vehicles.
  • Diversity of amenities: While basics are covered, options are limited for shopping, dining, or entertainment.