Pros and Cons of Living in Lancaster, CA (2024)

The best things about living in Lancaster, CA

  • Affordable housing: Less expensive homes compared to other parts of California.
  • Proximity to nature: Easy access to outdoor activities in the Mojave Desert.
  • Solar energy initiatives: Leading in sustainable living with community solar projects.
  • Suburban comfort: A quieter atmosphere compared to bustling city life.
  • Community engagement: Numerous local events and activities throughout the year, particularly around The BLVD.

The downsides about living in Lancaster, CA

  • Limited job market: Fewer diverse employment opportunities, with aerospace being a dominant sector.
  • Extreme weather: Hot summers and relatively cold winters.
  • Limited cultural amenities: Fewer theaters, museums, and galleries than larger cities.
  • Limited recreational options: Fewer activities available for lovers of nature.
  • Public transport: Limited public transport options can make a car necessary for commuting.