Menifee, CA Politics: Is It Liberal or Conservative?

Election Results and Trends in Menifee, CA

Menifee, CA voted Democrat in the last Presidential election, with this party winning 53.0% of the votes counted, followed by 45.0% voting Republican and other parties voting 2.0%. Therefore, this city is considered as slightly leaning liberal and is ranked 117 out of top 333 most populated US cities on being the most conservative and ranked 214 out of 333 on being the most liberal city.

Presidential Elections Voting Trend

The last six Presidential election results (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020) for Menifee, CA are: R R D D D D

Voting Trend graph for New York Metro, New York

Menifee, CA Presidential Voting Trend, 2000-2020

Menifee, California, became an incorporated city only in 2008. Looking at Riverside County, where Menifee is located, we can observe a trend toward conservative voting in Presidential elections. The county supported Bob Dole in 1996, George W. Bush (2000 and 2004), Barack Obama (2008), Mitt Romney (2012), and Donald Trump (2016 and 2020). Within Menifee, the tendency has been somewhat similar, with strong conservative values reflected in Presidential voting patterns. (2) City-Level Elections Trend in Menifee in the Last 25 Years:

Local Elections

Since Menifee's incorporation in 2008, city-level elections have displayed a conservative-leaning. The mayoral and City Council races have largely been filled by candidates endorsing fiscally conservative principles and traditional values. Even though city-level elections are nonpartisan, the conservative trend in Menifee has been in line with the voting patterns in the broader Riverside County.