Pros and Cons of Living in Orange, CA (2024)

The best things about living in Orange, CA

  • Historic allure: Old Towne offers a cultural and historical setting.
  • Outdoor activities: Plenty of parks and open spaces.
  • Educational options: Schools with specialized programs add depth to the choices.
  • Religious community: A variety of places for spiritual gathering.
  • Community events: Local festivals and gatherings are frequent.

The downsides about living in Orange, CA

  • Cost of living: Everything from housing to groceries can be costly.
  • Traffic congestion: The city can experience bottlenecks, especially during rush hours.
  • High property taxes: California is known for its high property taxes, and Orange is no exception. Homeownership comes with hefty yearly tax obligations here.
  • Seasonal smog: Air quality can deteriorate, especially in the summer.
  • School overcrowding: While there are some excellent schools in the area, some are becoming increasingly overcrowded, affecting the student-to-teacher ratio and quality of education.