Pros and Cons of Living in Arvada, CO (2024)

The best things about living in Arvada, CO

  • Outdoor activities: Close to mountains and lakes, offering plenty of outdoor fun.
  • Community feel: Old Town provides a hub for community events and gatherings.
  • Education: Schools have strong reputations, especially in terms of children's education.
  • Accessibility: Proximity to Denver gives easy access to bigger city amenities.
  • High safety: Low crime rates make it appealing for those looking to raise a family.

The downsides about living in Arvada, CO

  • Seasonal weather: Colorado is known for its fluctuating weather conditions, which can include heavy snowfall in winter
  • High cost of living: Arvada, like many parts of Colorado, has seen an increase in the cost of living, particularly in housing.
  • Nightlife: Somewhat lacking in vibrant nightlife or diverse dining options.
  • Congested traffic: While manageable, it can get busy, especially during rush hour.
  • Rapid growth: The city is growing quickly, which may affect its small-town feel.