Pros and Cons of Living in Boulder, CO (2024)

The best things about living in Boulder, CO

  • Outdoor activities: A plethora of hiking trails, cycling routes, and skiing opportunities.
  • Quality of education: High-ranking schools and major universities enrich the educational landscape.
  • Health and wellness: Numerous yoga studios, gyms, and a general focus on well-being.
  • Community engagement: Various community events, from farmers' markets to music festivals.
  • Innovation hub: A thriving scene for tech startups and innovation.

The downsides about living in Boulder, CO

  • Cost of living: Higher than the national average, particularly for housing.
  • Traffic and parking: Challenges in finding parking downtown and occasional heavy traffic.
  • Limited shopping range: Lacking high-end or specialized stores.
  • Seasonal crowds: Popular trails and outdoor spots can get crowded, especially in good weather.
  • Social bubble: The community sometimes feels insulated, contributing to a Boulder Bubble phenomenon.