Is Coral Springs, FL a Good Place to Live in 2024?

What Is Coral Springs, FL Known For?

Coral Springs is located approximately 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, the nearest metro area. The city is renowned for its well-regarded schools, public art installations, and emphasis on family-friendly amenities. Locals also appreciate the area's safety and the abundance of outdoor recreational spaces.

Coral Springs leans moderately liberal. Minority groups are well represented, contributing to a diverse fabric. Various sexual orientations are accepted and supported. The racial landscape is a colorful blend, fostering an inclusive community.

Couples find romantic spots in local parks, while retirees appreciate the quiet, well-maintained neighborhoods. Singles frequent the trendy cafes and nightlife. Families benefit from various after-school programs and playgrounds. Students can access libraries and community centers, which often host educational events. The city is inclusive, catering to people of different beliefs and genders through various community organizations and events.


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Pros and Cons

The Pros of living in Coral Springs, FL, include school quality, art and culture, safety, and more. While some Cons are around cost of living, traffic, and weather.
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Safety and Crime

Coral Springs, FL is ranked 28th out of the top 500 most populated cities in the US for highest overall safety, is ranked 36th on safety from violent crime, and 25th on safety from property crime.
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Cost of Living

Compared to the rest of the US, the cost of living in Coral Springs, FL is 9% lower than the national average.
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Discretionary Income

A gross annual salary of $80,000 in Coral Springs, FL leaves $1,746 of “money in the pocket” per month on average.
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Climate and Weather

The average daily temperature in Coral Springs, FL in January is 65°F and 83°F in July. Compared to the rest of the 333 most populated cities in the US, this city is on average +22°F warmer in January and is on average +4°F warmer in July.
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Politics and Voting

Coral Springs, FL voted for the Democrat party in the 2020 Presidential election, with 64.6% of the votes counted going to this party.
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