Coral Springs, FL Politics: Is It Liberal or Conservative?

Election Results and Trends in Coral Springs, FL

Coral Springs, FL voted Democrat in the last Presidential election, with this party winning 64.6% of the votes counted, followed by 34.8% voting Republican and other parties voting 0.6%. Therefore, this city is considered as moderately liberal and is ranked 241 out of top 333 most populated US cities on being the most conservative and ranked 78 out of 333 on being the most liberal city.

Presidential Elections Voting Trend

The last six Presidential election results (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020) for Coral Springs, FL are: D D D D D D

Voting Trend graph for New York Metro, New York

Coral Springs, FL Presidential Voting Trend, 2000-2020

In Coral Springs, there has been a shift towards liberal voting in Presidential elections over the past 25 years. While Bob Dole received support in 1996, the city favored Democrat candidates in subsequent elections: Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry (2004), Barack Obama (2008 and 2012), Hillary Clinton (2016), and Joe Biden (2020). This trend mirrors the gradual shift towards Democrat candidates in Broward County and indicates a growing preference for liberal policies within the city.

Local Elections

At the local or city level, Coral Springs has seen nonpartisan elections for local government positions. Nevertheless, politics tend to reflect a moderate to-liberal alignment, particularly in recent years. The focus has often been on community welfare, education, public safety, and environmental sustainability, with varying degrees of conservative and liberal influence, depending on the specific candidates and issues.