Pros and Cons of Living in Jacksonville, FL (2024)

The best things about living in Jacksonville, FL

  • Water activities: The St. Johns River and the nearby Atlantic Ocean offer numerous water-based activities.
  • Military community: A strong military presence provides job opportunities and a sense of discipline.
  • Natural beauty: Plenty of parks and reserves for hiking and bird-watching.
  • Cultural diversity: Various cultural festivals and arts programs enrich local life.
  • Community atmosphere: Active neighborhood associations and frequent community events.

The downsides about living in Jacksonville, FL

  • Public transit: Limited and less developed than in other major cities.
  • Weather extremes: Susceptibility to hurricanes and high heat in summer.
  • Traffic congestion: Especially during peak hours.
  • Education system: Public schools can be hit or miss regarding quality.
  • Economic disparity: Pockets of affluence contrast sharply with less privileged areas.