Pros and Cons of Living in Port Saint Lucie, FL (2024)

The best things about living in Port Saint Lucie, FL

  • Outdoor recreation: Many parks, golf courses, and waterways for boating and fishing.
  • Healthcare growth: Increasing opportunities in the medical and healthcare sectors.
  • Community involvement: Active neighborhood groups and frequent community events.
  • Relatively high safety: Lower crime rates compared to other cities in the region.
  • Educational diversity: A range of schools and training programs, notably in healthcare.

The downsides about living in Port Saint Lucie, FL

  • Limited public transport: Heavy reliance on personal cars for commuting.
  • Nightlife: Limited options for those who prefer a bustling nightlife.
  • Hot and humid climate: This may be challenging for some people.
  • Cost of waterfront property: Living by the water can be pricey.
  • Cultural offerings: Fewer options than bigger cities in terms of theaters, museums, and art galleries.