Pros and Cons of Living in Augusta, GA (2024)

The best things about living in Augusta, GA

  • Affordability: The cost of living is generally lower, making it easier to own a home.
  • Outdoor activities: The Savannah River and local parks offer a variety of recreational options.
  • Growing job market: The tech sector is expanding, offering more employment opportunities.
  • Educational institutions: Proximity to colleges specializing in technology and healthcare.
  • Cultural events: A calendar rich in festivals, art shows, and historical celebrations.

The downsides about living in Augusta, GA

  • Climate: Hot and humid summers can be uncomfortable.
  • Public transportation: Lack of efficient public transit makes car ownership almost a necessity.
  • Limited nightlife: Social options, particularly for younger residents, may be limited.
  • Economic disparity: Some areas are affluent, while others face socio-economic challenges.
  • Healthcare access: The availability of specialized medical care is somewhat limited.