Pros and Cons of Living in Columbus, GA (2024)

The best things about living in Columbus, GA

  • Military presence: Offers a robust support system for military families.
  • Outdoor activities: The Chattahoochee River allows for various water sports.
  • Arts and culture: Theaters and museums add a cultural flair.
  • Lower living costs: More affordable housing and day-to-day expenses.
  • Educational choices: The presence of community colleges and adult learning centers.

The downsides about living in Columbus, GA

  • Limited nightlife: The social scene could be considered lacking for younger singles.
  • Weather: Hot, humid summers can be a drawback.
  • Economic disparity: Pockets of affluence contrasted with underprivileged areas.
  • Public transport: A car is often necessary for comfortable commuting.
  • Healthcare access: Limited range of specialized medical facilities.