Is Georgia a Good Place to Live in 2024?

What is Georgia known for?

Georgia offers an appealing mix of urban and rural living experiences. The state's economy is strong and driven by the healthcare, information technology, and film production sectors. Atlanta is a central economic hub with over 20 Fortune 1000 company headquarters. Residents enjoy outdoor activities at places like Chattahoochee National Forest and Piedmont Park. Housing in Georgia is relatively affordable, with a median home value of about $200,000. The state also boasts a rich culinary scene, especially Southern comfort food, and vibrant arts and music communities.

Georgia has swung moderately liberal in the last two presidential elections. The racial composition is 53% White, 33% Black or African-American, 9% Hispanic or Latino, 4% Asian, 0.5% Native American, and 0.5% Other. Minority groups include significant populations of African Americans and Hispanics. The state has seen a growing diversity in urban areas like Atlanta. The LGBTQ+ community is active, especially in cities, with Atlanta's Pride Parade being one of the largest in the country.

People of different beliefs and backgrounds may find solace in Georgia's rich tapestry of cultural and religious communities, from the African-American history of the Sweet Auburn district to the vibrant Jewish community in parts of Atlanta. Retirees looking for that famed Southern hospitality have plenty of small towns to choose from, complete with front porch culture and a slower pace of life. For students, Georgia is home to several higher learning institutions known for their research and business programs. Couples can enjoy various date-night options, from outdoor music festivals to art galleries and historic theaters. Families will appreciate the state's focus on community, illustrated by numerous family-friendly parks, festivals, and seasonal events. Lastly, singles will find a dynamic social scene, especially in Atlanta, where young professionals often meet for social activities like trivia nights or explore trendy neighborhoods known for their restaurants and cafes.