Pros and Cons of Living in Sandy Springs, GA (2024)

The best things about living in Sandy Springs, GA

  • Connectivity: Exceptional transportation links to Atlanta and other cities.
  • Green spaces: Abundant parks and outdoor venues.
  • Cultural activities: Theater and art galleries enrich the local scene.
  • Educational excellence: High-performing schools are a hallmark.
  • High safety: Lower crime rates compared to nearby metropolitan areas.

The downsides about living in Sandy Springs, GA

  • Cost of living: Slightly pricier than other Georgia cities.
  • Traffic woes: Especially during rush hours, amplified by its proximity to Atlanta, leading to congested roads and longer commutes.
  • Limited nightlife: Especially for younger singles.
  • Public services: Some areas lack quick access to medical and social services.
  • Property taxes: Relatively high in Sandy Springs, adding to the overall cost burden, especially for homeowners.