Pros and Cons of Living in Chicago, IL (2024)

The best things about living in Chicago, IL

  • Architectural beauty: The city is a playground for architecture enthusiasts, from historic buildings to modern marvels.
  • Rich music scene: The city is a musical hotbed, from blues clubs to indie venues.
  • Public transit: The L-train and bus system make it easy to navigate without a car.
  • Cultural events: Many festivals, parades, and shows celebrate the city's diverse population.
  • Sports culture: Local pride in teams like the Bears and the Cubs brings communities together.

The downsides about living in Chicago, IL

  • Weather extremes: From harsh winters to humid summers, the weather can be challenging.
  • Cost of living: While less expensive than in some coastal cities, living expenses can still add up.
  • Segregation: Despite its diversity, the city is notably segregated in some areas.
  • Crime rate: Certain neighborhoods have higher crime rates, which can be a concern.
  • Tax burden: Both property and sales taxes are comparatively high.